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Treating Allergies with Sublingual Drop


Some people live without ever treating their allergies because, quite honestly, who has the time? Sure, over-the-counter drugs provide temporary relief, but if you’re getting hit yearly with intense allergy symptoms, OTC medicine isn’t enough. 


On the other hand, our lives are filled with work, family, social engagements, putting food on the table, an afternoon commute, blah, blah, blah. Getting to a weekly doctor’s appointment for a shot almost seems impossible. 


We have some good news for chronic allergy sufferers – Prime Allergy Drops are now available! If you’ve never heard of sublingual allergy drops, we’re excited to share the pros of this innovative therapy to stop your suffering.


Pro #1 – No more doctor’s visits! That’s right, your allergy drops are shipped right to your door, and you can administer the under-the-tongue medication in the comfort of your home.


Pro #2 – Most patients see a significant reduction in allergy symptoms in as little as 6 months.


Pro #3 – Allergy immunotherapy treats the root cause of allergies, something antihistamines and steroids and over-the-counter medications don’t do.


Pro #4 – You no longer need to take OTC allergy medication, nasal sprays and decongestants. Think of all the money you spend each year just to control your symptoms.


Pro #5 – It’s easy and painless. No needles. Just a couple of drops under the tongue for 2 minutes, and you’re on with your day. 


If you think Prime Allergy Drops may be the right choice for you, call Prime ENT today to make an appointment and start living a healthy life without annoying allergy symptoms. 


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